Image and first impressions count in business, particularly now customers have so many choices when deciding a company to see to their laundry needs.

The Ironing Company was established in 2004, the business has been expanding steadily ever since. We believe commercial customers can really benefit from The Ironing Company. We offer a fast, professional and flexible ironing service. With the option to have your laundry collected and delivered. Within 48 hours of leaving your premises your uniforms, table linen or bed linen can be back with you ironed, and folded or hung, depending on your personal requirements.

From bed and breakfast establishments to hair salons, sports teams and restaurants, The Ironing Company offer a professional service, which saves time and money. The Company charges per kilo rather than per item, which benefits any commercial client significantly.

It is important in business to present a polished exterior, crumpled linen and uniforms will always lack customer confidence. By taking the burden of the ironing, which constantly needs doing, we can help businesses improve their image.

Employers in a wide variety of sectors can use The Ironing Company as an added value bonus for their staff, by arranging for the Company to collect and deliver employees ironing to their offices or factory. Some customers work in Milton Keynes but live outside. They take their ironing to work, arrange a time for us to collect it from their offices, and then we deliver their finished ironing straight back to the office.

One of the biggest juggling acts for employees is the work-life balance, and whilst doing the ironing might seem small, getting it done properly plays a big role in how employees present themselves at work.

If they have time though, business customers working in Milton Keynes are always welcome to drop off their ironing at The Ironing Company in Heath Field, Stacey Bushes.

In addition the company is looking to set up collection and delivery points in Towcester, Buckingham and Olney to enable businesses and employees in these areas to reap the significant benefits of using The Ironing Company.

Whether delivered or collected, ironing is weighed, counted and receipted before being handed over to one of the team of ironers. Each ironer takes responsibility for one load at a time, working through every item for their customer to ensure speed, efficiency and continuity.

Experienced staff provided with top of the range equipment enables The Ironing Company to offer a fast and professional service to all their customers, commercial and domestic. We are confident that many businesses will find that The Ironing Company can save them money on their regular ironing outgoings.

There are many companies who don’t regularly review the cost of getting uniforms, linen etc. ironed. It could be that they are spending out where they could be saving, and getting a highly professional service which reflects well on running costs.

To discover what The Ironing Company can do for you and your business, call us on 01908 221347