Imagine crisply ironed cotton sheets and smoothly ironed shirts. Can there be anything better? Well, actually YES! The best thing of all is a perfectly ironed shirt, which you haven’t had to do yourself. Or sliding between smooth Egyptian cotton sheets, which you haven’t just collapsed into, tired out after ironing them!

All you need do is call The Ironing Company even before putting the washing in the machine. At The Ironing Company we can wash, dry and then iron your laundry. We can come and collect it and return it perfectly ironed, as if by magic you done it, no one will ever know!

It isn’t just at Christmas that dreams come true! The Ironing Company is available every season, to smooth out the wrinkles in everyone’s busy lives. We have many clients from busy households who had returning home to do laundry and ironing and then relentlessly overflows week after week.

The Ironing Company was born, for people everywhere who want to make the most of their time. We do the ironing so our customers can get on with their lives.

The Ironing Company collection and delivery operates daytime or evening, throughout Milton Keynes. Ironing is weighed so you pay for the amount you want ironed, not for each individual garment.

Drivers get given ironing in carrier bags, and plastic sacks. The collection teams weigh the items, issue a receipt and once the bags arrive at base the number of items are counted and recorded. Everything always returns immaculately ironed, either folded or on hangers (your choice) and covered in protective plastic bags.

Customers can bring laundry directly to The Ironing Company, which is located at Heathfield, Stacey Bushes.We offer whatever is easiest for the customer. Some customers don’t live but work in Milton Keynes. Our drivers call when they arrive at their office, the customer pops out, hands over the laundry and when the ironings complete we deliver it straight to their cars for them to take home after work.

For example: A kilo of ironing which is around 5 mens shirts, collected and delivered works out at just £3.95 per kilo. Customers delivering to The Ironing Company are charged £3.50 per kilo.

All our ironers know just what setting will suit which fabric, which part of a shirt must be done first and tackles satin ribbons on wool with consummate ease. They’re no trouble at all when you know what you’re doing, but you need to do them the right way.

Some customers use the expertise of The Ironing Company every week, and couldn’t cope without it. Others opt for monthly help, or to clear the backlog when its back to work and a mountain of holiday washing needs ironing.

The Ironing Company knows just how valuable service is. Single people, families, couples, elderly people who find ironing difficult – the list of those who use us is endless.

The Ironing Company also provides an ideal way to show how much you care. Husbands wanting to spend time with their wives without an ironing board in between them often hire the Company!